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Mark's Mendip Meander

Mark Bezzant's April 6th social ride turned into a good one. Taking a fast, twisty route out to the Cheddar Gorge via Sparkford and lots of other quaint villages the roads offered good surfaces and an excellent selection of bends from fast sweepers to tightening radius pant fillers.

Martin Saunders had a minor altercation with 3 pied wagtails who seemed engrossed in their own territory war when suddenly a couple of hundred kilos of Yamaha and rider travelling at speed intervened. That appeared to settle matters whilst momentarily unsettling both Martin and me following. Amazing the effect a puff of feathers can have.

We stopped for teas etc a little way short of the gorge itself at the Burlington Dinner Rooms (sounds posh, isn't). The weather had deteriorated from fine and sunny to light fog and blooming cold, a suitable level of moaning was directed at Mark as ride leader for not sorting this situation out before hand. The tea was good and the venue not crowded, clean and pleasant. Refreshed we headed on to Cheddar.

Cheddar Gorge is one of those 'sights not to be missed' that somehow has evaded me until today's ride. We rode through the town, Mark leading, me second the other four all behind. A car and a transit van ahead. A couple of well timed overtakes between twisties and Mark and I are away and running. First a right then a left, another right, a car coming halfway across the wrong side of the road, tuck in, accelerate more rights and lefts whoo hoo! I wonder what the Cheddar Gorge looks like. I still haven't seen it.

The ride back can't go by without mentioning Mark and his second most embarrassing moment. There he was minding his own business, easy overtake here, quick one there, drop down to the speed limits as badged like a good boy. Sure enough, you know it's true…. yes Mark got overtaken by a Landrover Discovery, not only that but it was a Diesel!

That said and mickey duly taken, it was a great ride enjoyed by all who attended who, I'm sure would like to thank Mark. We look forward to his next ride with anticipation.

Mike Cam

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