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Observed Rides - New Format

Right you lot! You've been asking for it, and now you've got it!

Group Training Rides (GTRs) have gone, however we have come up with a good alternative that involves everyone, not just non-allocated associates.

Since GTRs departed, many of us think that an important social side to the training went with them: meeting other associates, meeting other observers, chatting about guidance, social rides, club policy, and matters of general interest. This promoted the Club's social side, and meant better interaction for the associates. We needed something to bring that aspect back into the club, and here it is.


The whole idea of the following is that it is self-driven with the Observers controlling the day. Remember these words: 'self-driven'.


As of now we are encouraging observers to start their observed rides from Avon Forest on Sunday mornings departing at 9:30am. This is not written in stone: Observers or Associates may not want to start a particular session from there, or they may not want to observe on Sundays. No problem, this is just an 'as you come and as you like'.

This means that there might be observers and their associates and/or other members/associates, who might welcome riding company, to be found at Avon Forest on Sundays between 9:00 and 9:30am.

How does it work?

Use it as a social, a meeting place for rides, or just turn up and have a coffee and a chat and then head off again.

Allocated associates may turn up to see if they can gain extra experience, following an observed ride with another Observer and Associate. Or they may be able to organise a ride with a 'free' Observer. This could be an official observed ride using your Associate Logbook as a control, if you and the Observer so wished. As a point of courtesy, Associates should OK this with their usual Observer first.

Non-allocated associates may turn up as long as they have been spinked! i.e. John Spinks (or your Observer) has given you the OK.

All associates: Remember; you cannot attend a social ride until an Observer has duly signed your Logbook.

Members may turn up, to start an organised social ride, an ad hoc social ride, or to see if they can tag along with an Observer and brush up on their ride. Tee-hee!

Other Observers may, if they are at a loose end, just turn up and offer their services either for Members or Associates, or just go on a social ride.

Important point:

Observers will always have the final decision who, if anyone, comes along on their observed ride. They may want a specific one-to-one with their Associate, or they may want to be covering overtaking but the tag-along Associate may not be ready for that type of ride. If you are invited along then it may just be follow-on and brush up on your ride/gain more experience and keep quiet, or it may be an opportunity to join in. HOWEVER, the Observer must decide and say what he/she wants and you must fall in line.

Worst scenario would be no observed places available. The Associates and Members could head off on their own, or go home. As long as you know this is a possibility then you won't be disappointed.

As it becomes established I think it will grow in popularity so there would normally be enough Observers and Members to make a ride possible. Use it or lose it!

John Torring (JT)
Vice Chairman

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