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Important Note on BWAM events

These events are solely for Members and Associates of Bournemouth & Wessex Advanced Motorcyclists. If you want to become a member then take a look at what we do and find out about BWAM and the IAM advanced motorcycle test.

All BWAM Group organised rides are conducted according to the IAM's guidelines for Group Organised Rides:

  • There will always be an Observer participating in (if not leading) the ride.
  • All Associates must have been cleared for group riding.
  • Participants in group organised rides are responsible for their own safety and compliance with the law, and should at all times ride within their own capabilities.

Any ride that doesn't meet these requirements is deemed not to be a group organised ride, and will not be associated with BWAM or the IAM.

Social rides
SATURDAY Social Ride
14/12/2019   09.30

AT 9.30AM


Once again Jon Dunn has been organising the above ride and says

"It's that time of year again  -  probably the coldest, wettest BWAM Social Event of the year!
This year we'll be heading back to our friends at Henstridge Airfield again, via some of the nicest roads in Dorset, for a healthy breakfast.
As usual, we will ride in two separate groups, one suitable for Full Members, with the Associates and Observers in the other.

Therefore, all Members and Associates are welcome.
Meet at Forest Inn, Ferndown
at 9.00am, in time for the Pre-Ride Briefing/s at 9.20, leaving Promptly at 9.30am.
We should all reach Henstridge at
around 11.00am for nourishment, after that the rest of the day is your own.
If you could drop me a line at Associates@bwam.org.uk to let me know that you'll be joining us, that will help me to keep 'Geoff the Chef' and his gang happy and well informed of likely numbers.

 Thank you"
 Jon Dunn

email: associates@bwam.org.uk

Club Nights
Club Night
16/12/2019   7.30
Cobham Sports and Social Club, Merley Park Road, Wimborne, BH21 3DA

DECEMBER CLUB NIGHT - 16th at 7.30pm.





December club night sees the return of the annual chairman's quiz when everyone is welcome to attend as are partners.

As is usual teams of up to 6 are welcome and most teams are actually formed on the evening so it is never an issue if you have not made prior arrangements.

Once again the club is putting on a complimentary buffet (which doesn't happen very often!) for all members and guests which will be served half way through the quiz.

The fun quiz evening is our December club night and as such is always a good social get together with existing friends and perhaps friends you are about to meet for the first time so please make every effort to support the evening as we don't want too much food left at the close of play.

For clever members or carefully selected teams there is always a chance of taking a prize away as well!

We look forward to seeing you on Monday 16th at our usual venue, Cobham Sports and Social Club, Merley, BH21 3DA starting at 7.30pm.

MRC (Members Ride Clinics)
Members Ride Check
21/12/2019   09:30
Forest Inn, Forest Links Rd, Ferndown, BH22 9PH. (next to Ferndown Police Station)

Members’ Ride Check (MRC) SATURDAY 21 DECEMBER - 09:30hrs, Forest Inn, Forest Links Rd, Ferndown, BH22 9PH (next to Ferndown Police Station)


MRC sessions are offered monthly to any BWAM Member who would like to know if their present form would meet or exceed the IAM-RoadSmart Advanced Riding Standard. Much like the pre-test that was conducted prior to passing your IAM test, the Observer will once again give you a detailed de-brief of the session followed by a written report, including an action plan of what to practise and/or where to go from here. To book, please email nigel.williams14@outlook.com (ie by replying directly to this email) by 11pm on 6 December in order for observers to be easily arranged for you.


Conditions are as follows:-

  • You must be a current ‘paid-up’ BWAM and IAM Roadsmart Member (No exceptions).
  • You will be asked to sign a disclaimer confirming that you are legal to be on the road.  
  • You will be expected to make a £10 contribution towards the Observers fuel cost.
  • You will be expected to possess the latest edition of Police Motorcycle Roadcraft.


To help me pair you with the right Observer, please provide the following information:-

  1. Your name
  2. How many ‘years-months’ have you held full IAM Roadsmart Membership?
  3. Do you hold any of the following FELLOW/F1RST/MASTERS?
  4. Who was your Observer or Group Name if you were observed by another IAM Roadsmart Group?
  5. Session subject choice:- Roadcraft topic(s), General assessment, F1RST Register potential, Masters potential.


This month’s MRC starts at :-


09:30hrs, Forest Inn, Forest Links Rd, Ferndown, BH22 9PH. (next to Ferndown Police Station).


Please note:- If you are simply wanting to get some quality miles under your belt (which can only be good) then I would encourage you to turn up at Forest Inn on any Saturday morning and make yourself known.


Nigel Williams - MRC Co-ordinator.

M: 07801 150200

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