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Important Note on BWAM events

These events are solely for Members and Associates of Bournemouth & Wessex Advanced Motorcyclists. If you want to become a member then take a look at what we do and find out about BWAM and the IAM advanced motorcycle test.

All BWAM Group organised rides are conducted according to the IAM's guidelines for Group Organised Rides:

  • There will always be an Observer participating in (if not leading) the ride.
  • All Associates must have been cleared for group riding.
  • Participants in group organised rides are responsible for their own safety and compliance with the law, and should at all times ride within their own capabilities.

Any ride that doesn't meet these requirements is deemed not to be a group organised ride, and will not be associated with BWAM or the IAM.

Super Saturday
Super Saturday
26/01/2019   09.30

As a current associate with BWAM you will no doubt be looking to progress with your training towards achieving recognised IAM Roadsmart test standard rides on every occasion.

We appreciate that many of you will already have your own allocated observer and others will have recently registered as BWAM associates.  To ensure that you receive regular observed rides the following dates have been scheduled as opportunities for ongoing training until you have booked and passed your advanced test. 

For newly registered associates, once our associate coordinator Jon Dunn has made contact and arranged your first ride you are welcome to take note of the above dates as these will be designated for future sessions with you unless of course you are unable to attend on Saturday mornings, something that you can discuss with Jon.

Super SaturdayIf you have already got your own allocated observer you may well have already scheduled ongoing sessions and if so please do not alter these arrangements as they will still stand.

In future your own observer will look to meet you on the above dates if convenient.  If you are available and your observer cannot attend at the above time you will still be encouraged to attend on these dates and be able to be observed by another qualified observer.

In line with the Group policy with which the club must adhere, please bring £10 towards an observer’s fuel costs which must be offered at the end of the session and be mindful that it may also be appropriate to purchase the tea or coffee after the ride. 
Note: You must bring your IAM Roadsmart Membership Card and your IAM Roadsmart Document Disclaimer form if you have one.

email: mrc@bwam.org.uk

Social rides
FEBRUARY Social Ride
10/02/2019   09.30

More details nearer the time!

email: associates@bwam.org.uk

Social rides
MARCH Social Ride
10/03/2019   09.30

More Details to follow... ...

email: associates@bwam.org.uk

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