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Becoming an advanced motorcyclist:
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How much does it cost?

To join BWAM as an Associate, you will need to purchase a Advanced Rider Course- currently costing £149 - directly from the IAM

The package includes the following:

  • The IAM handbook 'How to be a Better Rider'
  • An initial assessment by an Observer
  • All your test preparation work
  • The IAM Advanced Test fee
  • 12 months membership of the local IAM group (in this case BWAM)
  • IAM Associate status, with an automatic upgrade to full Membership of the IAM (upon passing the Advanced Driving/Riding Test within 12 months)
  • Access to the Members' area of the IAM Web site (with details of Members' Events, Membership Services and Special Offers)
  • 'Advanced Driving' the IAM's tri-annual Members' magazine

To apply for BWAM membership, please buy your Advanced Rider Course and then fill in the BWAM application form. You will be contacted initially by the Membership Secretary, Andrew Carr, and then by one of our Observers to arrange a suitable day and time for your assessment. Most people can achieve Test standard after 6-8 observed runs (typically a fortnight apart), so you could be Test Ready in 12-16 weeks.

Although there is no charge for the advice and guidance an Associate Member receives from their Observer, it is expected that a £10 contribution towards the observer's fuel is made for each observed ride. This is in line with IAM National Guidelines.

Full Membership

On passing your IAM Advanced Motorcycle Test you then become a full Member of BWAM.

You can to continue to enjoy the social side of BWAM or to further your skills by becoming an Observer yourself.

Members always have the opportunity to refresh and re-assess their skills with in-house ride clinics and the opportunity of working torwards the F1rst Register or Masters Accreditation.

Please Note: If you are an existing IAM Member and wish to join BWAM, for example, if you have moved into the Bournemouth & Wessex area from elsewhere, please contact the Membership Secretary.

You are now ready to become an advanced rider